Friday, April 16, 2010

Jerky Mc Jerkisen

I made the mistake of telling some people at my work about my fear of Aliens and I came into work to see this.

Unfortunately I cannot respond to this vagrant abuse because it is being done by my boss's eleven year old daughter. So calling her an asshole probably wouldn't fly. The worst part is I never specified what kind of aliens I am afriad of. Perhaps it is illegal immigrants?

Luckily not everyone I work with is an asshole. I have a great friend, B, who picked a fight with some people at my work to get me a slice of my birthday cake that they didn't want her to cut out just because it was in the middle. She tried to make them see reason. (It was after all my bday cake too.) 
Unfortunately they were all,
"Wah, it would look weird."
And she was all 'Shut up and give me the cake!"
I give you, the cake.
Visually Dynamic...I need to stop using that phrase.

and my piece.

Yeah Bitches!

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha that's awesome! I would cut your name out of the cake for you too doll!


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