Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Passing through

So Mr. Sorrow and I will be journeying the few hours it takes to get to the Kalaloch Lodge for Valentines Day. As some don't tknow Kalaloch is located about a half hour from the promise land AKA Forks. Last time we went in August I got into it with the Hubby. (He's a mechanic) It went something like this.

Sorrow-Let me know if you see my boyfriend. He's waiting for me in these woods.

Mr.-Edward Cullen isn't here

Sorrow-Why would you say that? Thats just mean.

Mr.-And more importantly Edward Cullen couldn't fix your car.

(Deciding to let it go....) Me-You're right sweetie. He couldn't.

Lies! Bold faced lies. Everone knows that Edward Cullen could fix anything. He's perfect for gods sake. Later I'm retelling the story to Cantante and she straight faced says.

Maybe, but Jacob could.

And that bitches is why she is my best friend.

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