Thursday, October 15, 2009

The beginning of the end

I thought I knew what it was to love something. I had dated my husband for five years before getting married. I had shows that I watched religously. I thought I knew happiness.Up until September of 2008 I had never known obsession. Times were simpler then. I was a newlywed who helped my friends planning their weddings. I would go out with friends. I like to hike sometimes with my husband. We had no idea what would happen to me in a few months.

If only we knew what was in store......

It was Momma Sorrow who told me to read the books. I said I wasn't interested in reading a book about vampires that was written for twelve year olds. She urged me to try it. To placate her I took the book home. I began to read and finished the book that night. After work I went to the store and bought all four books in hardback. (Mr. Sorrow was not happy about that) I devoured the books in less then a week. I cried in New Moon. I spit on my book during eclipse. I stayed up until three in the morning finishing Breaking Dawn. My normally clean house became a disaster zone. I refused to do any housework and Mr.Sorrow had to remind me to eat.

When I reread them. I read them cover to cover, back to back until the movie came out. I saw the movie three days in a row at the theater. I went by myself book in hand and waited in line behind a group of prepubescent girls with Team Edward shirts. I kept my hood up to not be noticed by any of my peers. I confided in my best friend my obsession and she too soon was hooked. Together we saw the movie seven times. (Mind you that was together, we each saw in alone at least twice) We watched The Goblet Of Fire just to see R.Patz and then we watched the hours of special features. We then watched The Order of the Phoenix just to see his picture move for about two seconds. Pathetic yes. Worth it? Shit Yeah.

Hello there my young lover
Thank goodness you we're of age when this picture was taken.

We preordered the movie the day it was avaliable. I was done for. Eventually I began to acknowledge the hubby sometime around February. Since then I have walked a delicate line between abandonment and good wife.

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