Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I have decided to make Tuesday. Confession Tuesday. Has a nice ring don't you think? So my confession involves a certain ruddy cheeked, flannel wearing man. (shocked I know) I am still coming to terms with my Robsession. I pretend that it isn't that strong but then I scoured the internet for any new pictures of him walking from a restuarant to a cab. I spend a huge chunk of my day reading about him, his favorite foods and beer. (Heiney for my man.)

I could watch this clip over and over. I love Austin Powers. Also I am representing the fabulous Canucks that are harboring our mumbling boy.

This isn't about Heineken though. This is about a small indie movie. (Not little ashes that is whole other post entirely) No this is about How To Be. Have you heard of it. I thought so. It wouldn't be out in the states so I pulled a fast one and I preordered it from Amazon.uk in late August. I waited patiently for two weeks to have it delivered to me. I tore the cardboard and threw away the british ads. I eagerly put it into the dvd player and nothing. Thinking that my brand new dvd player was broken I put it into my computer. Nothingness. Little did I know DVDs from the UK don't work here. I spent the money to have a useless DVD sent to me from Great Britain.

This is me

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