Friday, October 16, 2009

The Ginger Lover

In my earlier years I dated a few men. For the most part I dated boys who were different races, hair colors and one I'm fairly sure a different orientation. Up until I started dating my Mr. Sorrow I had never dated a red head. Sure I've thought they were cute but to be honest there aren't too many around. My husband won me over with his wit and compassion. His sparkling eyes and rough hands. (sorry sweetie!) I fell in love with him almost automatically. After we had been dating for a few month i realized just how many attractive gingers there are. The first one I noticed was Max Collins from Eve 6.

Hello Gingie Lover

After taking note of him I started seeing more and more redheads around. I find red hair to be an endearing quality and am glad that my husband has it. I did notice some antipathy towards the ginger community. Most notably a certain hysterical South Park episode. (I found a twilight/southpark mash up and couldn't help it.)

 It also seems to be a club that very few can live in. Mr. Sorrow recently heard that redhead are going extinct by procreating with nonredheads. (ie your truly) Since that he has been calling himself the endearing name of "The Breeder" Yes my husband wants to repopulate the planet with gingers.Apparently I have a lot to live up to.  I have faith that our children will end up like this.

Royal Ginger

Not like this;

I hate David Carruso

I believe that there are quite a few good looking red heads out there. I say give them a chance. They'll make it worth your while. And because he is by far my favorite ginger aside from Mr. Sorrow I want you to bask in the cuteness that is Rupert Grint.

Just ignore that stupid girls head and that ridiculous necklace. Unless it's a lock for the hand cuffs and then that's okay.

I have noticed with the exception of Victoria there is a lack of redheads in Twilight. It would be nice to see a little representation in the story.Some might bring up the fact that Edward  has bronze hair. This is true however auburn is different then the bright red I'm talking about. Real Gingers. It would great to see some gingie love in the movie. Perhaps one of the newborns? That would make my day. So pretty please with J.Rath on top give our amber haired friends a chance.

Ginger love story

If you would like to read a romantic, trippy and enthralling story check out Still Life with Woodpecker is sort of a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes. It reveals the purpose of the moon, explains the difference between criminals and outlaws, examines the conflict between social activism and romantic individualism, and paints a portrait of contemporary society that includes powerful Arabs, exiled royalty, and pregnant cheerleaders. It also deals with the problem of redheads.

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  1. My dearest Meg,
    I love you and I find this Ginger loving blog not only accurate but of the highest quality. This is not only interesting but also hillarious! I too love a ginger and I am very aware that I once laughed at the above South Park episode. I now see gingers in a new light and I adore them. I hope you have many ginger babies to keep this population going. We need more ginger babies and I feel you are just the woman for the job.
    Your sister in ginger loving bliss..:)


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