Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I have a girl crush. It's not that hard when it comes to the women that are in Twilight. They are all smoldering little dishes. (creepy talk) I have had a girl crush on Nikki Reed since she was in Thirteen. As Evie she was the biggest badass known to adolescence. But I digress because today my love is for one girl only. Julia Jones. I was so excited when I saw her cast as Leah because she is absolutely gorgeous.

More like a wolverine

As I have previously stated I love bitches. Leah comes in second to Rosalie in the Bitch o meter. (TM Sorrow) That is a hard feat to achieve. Julia is everything I wanted her to be. Beautiful, lusious and cold. I hope that she gives a good performance because a lot is riding on her role. (at least I think so) I also really hoipe that they will let her have the scene in Breaking Dawn where she tells Jacob that she feels for Rosalie. It is a moment that brought tears to my eyes. Live long and prosper Julia! I have faith in you.

you know you want to hit that

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