Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BellCob Kiss

When I read the almost kiss in New Moon I was overjoyed that the phone ran. As much as I admire Jacob for his gumption I knew it wasn't meant to be. Bella and Edward belonged together. Otherwise the story wouldn't make much sense and Bella would be a little heart breaker(Youre a heartbreaker, Dream maker, love taker,Dont you mess around with me!) I was furious with her in Eclispe. (Really ya skank?) I got over it eventually but I still was annoyed with her. The point of my post is that I am seeing some photographic evidence of a kiss in New Moon.

This is not Kosher

This is Hebrew National

There cannot be a kiss in New Moon. The kiss must be saved for that heart wrenching tent scene. The whole point of the kiss was that is would be their first consensual kiss. (On a side note how Bella fell for the martyr act is beyond me. I am quite cynical though.)Jacob makes a point to say "That should have been our first kiss." Hello! Melissa Rosenberg I'm talking to you. I promise to go bat shit crazy if there is a kiss for BellCob. That of course does not mean that I won't see it over and over again until Mr. Sorrow cuts be off. (Wouldn't be the first time) My point being do not let there be a kiss or you will be facd with this....

This is how Marie Antoinette went down
Viva La Resistance!

So I'm begging the powers that be please with a little R.Patz on top do not let BellCob kiss in New Moon. I will be eternally grateful.

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