Tuesday, October 6, 2009

confession time

I am crazy about Robert Pattinson. I love when he mumbles and talks about his toenails. When he wore the same stupid hat every frickin day while filming Remember Me. He just exudes a dirty sexy (and probably a little smelly) feeling. I say all this because when I first read twilight I wasn't sure if he would work. I was picturing someone darker. Someone who could be sinister. Someone you could be afraid of. Someone like I don't know.....This guy.

Hello Older Lover

I had seen Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and doubted Cedric Diggory could pull off the darkness of Twilight. Edward was tortured and kinda creepy at times. I couldn't imagine him as sexy enough. And then I started looking into pictures of him. Such as these.

Sorry Damon Salvatore Robward wins.

Then I saw the movie. When you looked at Bella like you were going to tear out her throat I fell in love. I hadn't felt my heart skip like that since JTT was on the cover of Tiger Beat.

Hello my first boy toy lover

After some excessive twilighting research I was hooked. I am officially Team Rob. He won me over Body and soul and squee's. So as an apology to Rob (Because I know he is heartbroken by my admission. Here is a tribute to the wonderfulness that is Robert Pattinson.

You're welcome.

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