Monday, October 19, 2009

Cam I am

I am a huge OC fan. Seth Cohen is the cutest funniest thing I had ever seen on TV. Ryan Atwood was so badass I could help but love him. And then in season three we met a young man with abs of steel and a wicked grin. Kevin Volchek. He was a total douche bag and yet you couldn't keep your eyes off him.

Hey I'm Sexy!
It wasn't hard to see why Marissa got dirty with him. I would imagine he'd be a nice escape for her wild ways. Then he was in the movie about fighting I haven't seen it but I've seen his shirtless pictures.  That's good enough right.? Then he was James. Oh the evil conniving sexy James. His washboard abs and his ratty wig. He was devious perfection. When he dropped down into the boat with Buttcrack Santa my heart went a flutter. (Side note he held himself up above the camera holding onto the rafters until his cue. That is some amazing upperbody strength!) During the holiday season I would go into the Gap more times then I could count just to see this picture.

I'm the mood for khakis and button down shirts

So to toast the amazingness that is our devilish James here is some Cam Porn.

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